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Applications to power cutters:

Ideal for:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Marble, hard limestone
  • Plastic PVC
  • Cast iron
  • Natural Stone

Suitable for:

  • Concrete

Also suitable for :

  • Concrete products
  • Concrete with flint
  • Fiber cement
  • Gravel slab
  • Self-locking pavel
  • Concrete roof tile
  • Concrete plug and tube
  • Porcelain stoneware
  • Abrasive stone 
  • Granite
  • Steel
  • Indian porcelain stoneware
  • Glass


SHOXX® Clean cut diamond blade

SHOXX® Clean cut diamond blade

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The SHOXX Clean cut is a small high quality diamond blade for professional cuts. This electro-plated blade is really efficient for sharp cuts in many materials. Versatility meets accuracy.

Product features:

  • Electro-plated diamond on both sides
  • Precise and clean job

Use with the following machines:

  • Hand-held angle grinders.

    Our range of SHOXX diamond tools offers high efficiency and high cutting speed. They challenge the best tools of our competitors.
    Tip: switch between different materials to increase the life of this product.

    Safety information : the SHOXX clean cut diamond blade is a special diamond blade manufactured by SAMEDIA. It complies with the European standard EN 13 236 and with the worldwide safety regulations of the oSa (Organization of Safety of Abrasives).

    Please respect the maximum rotation speed indicated on the blade.

    The SHOXX clean cut is indicated for USA, CANADA and EXPORT markets.

    German quality. 

    Additional blade sizes available on request.

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