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Key points :
  • High-end diamond blade with SHOXX forged segments
  • Segment height: 1/2"
  • Long-life products
  • DEEP protection segments
  • Low  vibration
  • Ideal for power cutters up to 25 kW
  • High end diamond cutting disc
  • Ideal for floor saws up to 15 kW
  • Laser welded segments
  • Maximum cutting speed
  • Blade lifetime : 2 x competitors blades
  • Made in Germany in our SAMEDIA factory

Optimum use :

  • Asphalt
  • Abrasive concrete
  • Screed

Related machines :

  • Power cutter / cut-off saw
  • Floor saw

Also suitable for :

  • Concrete
  • Green concrete
  • Abrasive stone

* included ring: 1" to 20mm x .295.

Tip : switch between different Samedia materials to increase the life of this product.

Safety information : the SHOXX AX13 diamond blade from SAMEDIA is compliant with the EN 13 236 european norm and with the oSa safety rules.

SHOXX : The world's No.1 for diamond tools

Additional blade sizes available on request.

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SHOXX® AX13 Asphalt diamond blade

SHOXX® AX13 Asphalt diamond blade

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SHOXX AX13 is the best diamond blade ever for asphalt cutting.

It really hits the pavement ! The perfect tool for municipality works & road cutting. 

Equip your team with the best granite tools supplies !

Why to choose SHOXX quality ?

10 reasons (and it’s a minimum) :

1 - The fastest diamond blade on the market
A Shoxx diamond blade cuts twice as fast as a standard professional blade.

2 - Unequalled lifetime
Shoxx diamond blades lifetime is twice as long as a professional blade.

3 - End-user safety
Thanks to our Shoxx patented technology, the welding resistance of the segments on the steel core is increased up to 50% compared to a standard laser welded blade and up to 100% compared to the norm EN13236 requirement.

4 - Real reduction of vibrations : more comfortable
Sudies have established the link between the shape of our segments and the real drop of 25% of reductions when cutting with our Shoxx diamond tools.

5 - Best price
Shoxx diamond blades are the cheapest on the market when you take into account, speed, lifetime, comfort and benefits.

6 - Industrial innovation patented worldwide
Our Shoxx technology is a worldwide patented process which needs very high quality raw materials when the standard technology can not produce with. This allows all the benefits for end-users.

7 - Made in Germany
2 factories belongs to SAMEDIA : one in France and another in Germany. The german plant produces more than one million diamond tools a year. More, SAMEDIA has a very low carbon print and follow high requirements in sustainability as a pioneer member of the SEAM (Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers).

8 - Testing, testing & testing!
More than 20 tests are made during the production process, to certify flawless products. Stable quality is our goal!

9 - EN13236 compliant
All our products are compliant to the EN13236 norm for a perfect job safety!

10 - oSa compliant
oSa organism certifies that all the production from our factories respect the standards of safety you could find on

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