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MASTER SMT Special abrasive flap disc

MASTER SMT Special abrasive flap disc

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The MASTER SMT is an awesome abrasive flap blade for professional metal processing. Moreover, it's build to last!

Product features:

  • Premium abrasive flap disc.
  • Made in Poland.
  • Highly versatile abrasive flap disc for metal processing.
  • Long service life with steep edges in corners.

Use with the following machines:

  • Hand-held angle grinders.

Applications to power cutters:

Ideal for:

  • Metal/ Steel.
  • NE-metals.

Suitable for:

  • Stainless steel.
  • Non ferrous metals.

    Our range of MASTER diamond tools offers high efficiency and high cutting speed. They challenge the best tools of our competitors.
    Tip: switch between different materials to increase the life of this product.

    Safety information : the MASTER SMT special abrasive flap disc manufactured by SAMEDIA complies with the European standard EN 13 743 and with the worldwide safety regulations of the oSa (Organization of Safety of Abrasives).

    Please respect the maximum rotation speed indicated on the blade.

    The MASTER SMT is appropriate for USA, CANADA and EXPORT markets.

    Made in Poland.

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