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MASTER RAPTOR Grinding Cup Wheel

MASTER RAPTOR Grinding Cup Wheel

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The MASTER RAPTOR from SAMEDIA is a high quality diamond cup wheel for any coating removal. Dedicated to floors renovation, with 5 mm segments, the RAPTOR cup grinding wheel is able to peel and smoothe at one go. Without any doubt, this is the tool you need to remove coatings and grind in one shoot!

Key features:

  • Segments height: 5 mm (.20’’)
  • Reinforced edges
  • Auto-sharpening segments
  • Peeling and smoothing in one work step
  • Best for removal of coatings
  • Particularly suitable for floor renovation
  • Made in Europe

Optimum use:

  • epoxy resin coatings
  • coatings, adhesive residues, paints
  • sealing compound
  • tile adhesive

Also suitable for :

  • concrete 
  • concrete products

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Tip: switch between different materials to increase this product's lifetime.

Safety information: the MASTER RAPTOR diamond grinding cup wheel from SAMEDIA is compliant with the EN 13 236 european norm and with the oSa (Organization of Safety of Abrasives) safety requirements.

The MASTER RAPTOR grinding cup wheel is suitable for the US market.

Products from our MASTER range are dedicated to professionals. They offer a very good output at a very fair price.

MASTER tools from SAMEDIA compete with the best diamond tools in the world.

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