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MASTER KTM Tiles Diamond Blade

MASTER KTM Tiles Diamond Blade

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The MASTER KTM diamond blade is a premium tool with 3/8’’ segments and reinforced flange for quick and smooth tile cutting. Segments type: continuous rim.

Product features:

  • Segment height: 10 mm (3/8’’)
  • With reinforced flange
  • Cutting-stable and smooth-running
  • Faster and cleaner cut

Use with the following machine: angle grinder

Maximum rotation speed:
⌀4.5’’ = 13300 RPM
⌀5’’ = 12250 RPM

Application to angle grinders

Ideal for:

  • porcelain stoneware
  • stoneware
  • tiles, all types of ceramics
  • granite tiles

Suitable for:

  • marble/hard limestone
  • glazed ceramics

Also suitable for: 

  • ceramic tiles

Safety information: our MASTER KTM diamond blade is EN 13236 & oSa compliant.

Products from our MASTER range are dedicated to professionals. They offer a very good output at a very fair price.

MASTER tools from SAMEDIA compete with the best diamond tools in the world. Now available on the US market.

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